Individuals and Couples

I welcome anyone who wants to make a better life. I specialize in working integratively, based on what is currently known about how the mind works.

Anyone who wishes to make a better life, to get support adjusting to change or stress, or to better manage anger, sadness, or other emotions, can benefit from individual therapy. It is a place where you can  think about your relationship with the world and your own mind.

Couples counseling is for those who want to move their relationship forward. Ideally, romantic relationships are mutually satisfying across multiple dimensions: companionship and friendship, sex and romance, and functional and domestic. Couples who find themselves dissatisfied or stuck can benefit from having a space to work out their understandings together.




Many people who are seeking therapy are also struggling with addictions. While there are many options to receive support, one online option I recommend is the Life Process Program. Developed by Dr. Stanton Peele, an internationally renowned addictions expert, it...

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Learning Feelings

Sometimes we have experiences that impact us, but we have difficulty putting words on it. In fact, some conceptualizations of trauma essentially speak to the lack of verablization as being a driving component of trauma's tendency to haunt us. In fact, there is a real...

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How Therapy Creates Change

1. Collaborative problem solving: This is the easiest and quickest kind of change. I help you think through what you want to figure out, and then we figure it out together. This is a good way to solve immediate problems. It does not lead to lasting change. 2....

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