Many people who are seeking therapy are also struggling with addictions. While there are many options to receive support, one online option I recommend is the Life Process Program. Developed by Dr. Stanton Peele, an internationally renowned addictions expert, it guides users through a series of exercises to develop their lives in a way that there is no room left for addiction. It is not 12-step based, nor is it based on the disease model of addiction, and it is appropriate for all manner of addictions. It has specific programs for alcohol, drugs, food, sex, pornography, love/relationship, social media, and a family member’s addiction.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Peele, and his lifelong engagement with the research and treatment of addictions makes him a priceless trove of wisdom and thoughtful analysis. In addition to his program and his website, there are also plenty of YouTube videos that you can find if you’d like to hear more about his approach to addictions.