1. Collaborative problem solving:

This is the easiest and quickest kind of change. I help you think through what you want to figure out, and then we figure it out together. This is a good way to solve immediate problems. It does not lead to lasting change.

2. Attention training:

Your attention is very powerful, and you can use it to rewire your brain. Sometimes you direct your attention on purpose, for example when you decide to read a web site. Other times your attention is taken automatically, like when loud sound makes you look in its direction. Figuring out how your attention is being taken up and how you can change that is one way to change your brain and your overall experience of your life. One popular method of learning how to direct one’s attention is practicing mindfulness, but there are others, and we can work on learning and practicing together.

This type of work requires more effort and practice on your part, and will take a bit longer, but you will see the effect of it across multiple areas of your life and the change will be more enduring.

3. Relationship rehabilitation:

Humans are social animals, and our life’s meaning comes from our relationships: our relationships with others, and our relationships with ourselves. In the context of your relationship with me, we can make deep and lasting change in the way that you move through and experience relationships. This kind of work is essentially modifying how you move through the world and make meaning in your life, and it is the most long-term work. It is best for people who want to invest in being happier, calmer, more stable, more open to connecting with others and more confident in being alone.