Time for another round of the Master Clinician Lecture Series! As you may know by now, the goal of this series is to support therapists in maintaining ongoing growth as clinicians. The complexity of human beings is such that there is always more to consider, and while I feel it is the ethical choice to keep learning, it also keeps the work challenging, interesting, and open for new possibilities. So it’s perhaps mainly for the fun of it.

This month, we are very happy to host Judith Ierulli, LCSW, who will present on “Vicarious Trauma: The Cost of Caring.” Judith, whose home is Womencare Counseling has over 15 years of experience working with trauma and abuse. Her focus in this talk will be on the therapist working with trauma and abuse, and how that work can reverberate into our lives. As we all know, being in a caregiving profession can be difficult at times. It is important to be aware of, and push back against, so that we do not burnout. Her description:

A therapist’s capacity to listen to the voices of trauma is crucial for the healing of those who have encounter unbearable losses and betrayals. In the course of treating trauma and grief, empathy is critical for our clients’ healing, yet often more difficult to sustain.
We will examine the impact of bearing witness on the therapist worldview, which can invite even in the best therapists into moments of despair, helplessness and self-doubt. Together we will explore the impact of vicarious trauma, the importance of community support to combat its impact and strategies for self-care.

As usual, the cost is $15 per session, CEs are included in the cost. Please contact me to reserve a spot.

What: Vicarious Trauma: The Cost of Caring
When: August 14th, 10:00-11:30
Where: Gifted Learning Center ~ North Shore
466 Central Ave #21
Northfield, IL 60093