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MCLS: Dr. Glader

This Monday, July 11, 2016, Dr. Glader will present at the Master Clinician Lecture Series on her work with what she calls Spunky Gifted Kids. A population that is often neglected in training programs for counselors, these kids require a different kind of engagement...

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MCLS: Dr. Moltz

Our first in the Master Clinician Lecture Series on complexity was a great success. Dr. Sam Moltz gave a thorough, up-to-date presentation on what we eat, how we digest it, and how that impacts our brain and mind. We all came away with new knowledge we could apply...

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Workshop: Psychotherapy and Marketing

Santiago Delboy will be speaking about ways in which marketing and psychotherapy are, in fact, similar and overlapping. Santiago brings his experience as a marketing consultant as well as a clinician to bear on this discussion about the relational aspects of marketing...

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