It’s time for the next installment in the Master Clinician Lecture Series! The purpose of this series is to explore complexity in its various forms as we all strive to become masters of clinical work. This month, Dr. Sam Moltz, integrative physician, returns! He will present on the physiology of stress in his talk, “Stress: A modern health crisis?” As some of you may remember from his last presentation, Dr. Moltz conceptualizes his work building from the inside (nutrition and digestion) outward. While in our profession we certainly understand the impact of stress, Dr. Moltz will speak specifically to the physiological impacts and how to address them through nutrition and other natural interventions.

Stress seems to be a pervasive aspect of our modern day lives. Most people know when they feel stressed out but may not recognize the full spectrum of how this affects the body’s homeostasis. This lecture will attempt to elucidate some of these factors.


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